The Story of Our Trendy 3 Logo

by Tracy Kadavy on May 19, 2022

I have always dreamed of owning a family boutique. It was a labor of love and creativity. There were many things to figure out but the logo was not one of them. The logo was easy for me. I knew I wanted the logo and name to reflect my three children, Jayden, Lily, and Brynn. They are my greatest joy and inspiration. They are trendsetters with their own unique personalities and talents. The name Trendy 3 Boutique was the perfect name for our family business but the symbolism extends beyond that. My stylish daughter, Lily, has three copies of the 21st chromosome. That trendy extra chromosome has brought our family and the world so much joy and sunshine. And did you know that Yellow and Blue are the designated colors to promote Down Syndrome Awareness? So what looks like a cute little logo for a cute little boutique has big meaning to our family and our customers.

Tracy a.k.a. Mom